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Unique nautical pen holder with directional telegraph compass | Premium Office Decor | Nagina International

Price: $39.00 - $25.50

Premium pen holder for your office and luxurious homes. Do not you think it is a high-end desktop decor with a wooden wheel and a wooden shine? I definitely give my vote for that. The pen holder features a pen holder, a wooden nautical boat wheel and a fully functional directional remote. We are really proud of this incredible boat and we expect you to be the best, because the scenery you see here is quite exceptional! The wooden base has been constructed of solid wood and has a top velvet bottom for smooth trails. KEEP NAGINA INTERNATIONAL'S EXPLORATION FOR MORE CHILDREN DECORATIONS BECAUSE WE GET CERTAIN IMPRESSIONS PRODUCTS REALIZATION.1 Location of Pen Holder | Telegraph Compass | Solid wood base
Fully functional directional compass | Antique Prime Nautical Decor
Size: 5 x 3 x 8 Inches | Many decors to choose
Realistic nautical decoration of first quality | Velvet Bottom
Made exclusively in India by Nagina International (the largest collection of decoration)

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