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Great grounds for tiling: home installation projects 101

Price: $17.95 - $29.74

Put in your own tile ?!

Now there is no reason why you can not do it … and enjoy it!

The guru of home improvement Matt Nikitas is coming back! In the third series of the series Grand Finishes it will help guide the beginner, as well as the expert, in the world of tile decor – with clarity and humor!

Firstly he leads you in the necessary preparations and answers the question: Should I install an undercoat? Or can I make tiles on this surface now? You will know how to ensure sustainable tiling by understanding how professionals plan their jobs and follow the jointing and caulking of expansion joints.

With his brand style – casual attitude, patience and thorough execution – Matt takes away the mystique that surrounds the tile, shares the art history with his own experiences on the job.

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