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Brush of beast 3 pieces Attachment to the cleaning brush soft, medium and rigid to clean showers, baths, bathrooms, tiles, carpet, tires, boats

Price: $26.95

Let the brushes of the beast do all the cleaning resistant for you! Simply attach to your drill and the beast brush will keep your bathrooms, kitchen, carpet, cars, boats and patio in no time. The brushes have a diameter of 5 inches. THE PIN IS NOT INCLUDED. It is a set of 3 pieces, which includes 1 of each soft, medium and rigid brush. POWER SCRUBBING – Let your electric drill do heavy washing to clean these tough stains in your bathroom, carpet or car
FIXED ALL DRILLING – Easy to fit to most standard cordless or cordless drills with quick change shaft (FORCE NOT INCLUDED)
FLEXIBLE BRILLS (WHITE) The soft-bristled white brush is ideal for cleaning light stains or delicate surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, glass, auto interior, leather, etc.
MEDIUM BRIQUETS (YELLOW) – The medium yellow bristle brush is ideal for any bathroom or kitchen … tile, grout, shower doors, sinks, bathtubs, toilets or car retailers, boat details, patio furniture, etc.
STIFF BRISTLES (RED) – The stiff-bristled red brush is ideal for stone / concrete surfaces and removing or removing paint and rust

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