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BirdRock Home Double laundry tub with lid and doormat | Bamboo | Espresso | Easy transport of laundry basket | 2 section crossbow section basket | String Grips

Price: $34.84

The BirdRock Home Double double laundry basket with a lid and a rag is a great addition to any bedroom, laundry room or bathroom. The double basket has a lid that keeps dirty clothes off the site while concealing the odors. The fabric cover is washable, making it ideal for many uses (cold water, soft cycle: air drying or dry drying). Constructed of natural bamboo, the basket offers you a durable, lightweight solution to organize your dirty clothes. The basket can hold 2 loads of standard size linen. Our laundry basket will help you keep your home organized without being a big smell. This helps to keep the clothes dirty from the floor by offering a unique location for your dirty clothes. The double basket allows you to sort the clothes in color, wife or child, which saves you time during the day of laundry. Linen fabric and fabric: the lid hides the smelly clothes in the double basket while keeping your dirty laundry out of sight. Liner can be removed from the laundry basket for occasional washing.
Durable and lightweight: the laundry basket was designed from a natural bamboo material to be lightweight and durable for frequent use in your bedroom, laundry room or bathroom.
Spacious interior: the double laundry basket can hold up to 2 loads of dirty clothes.
Clothes organizer: The laundry basket helps to keep the dirty laundry clean and clean without being painful like most of the breakdowns. The double basket allows you to separate clothes by color in 2 sections saving you time on the day of laundry. Choose from a variety of colors and elegant finishes on bamboo laundry baskets (Black, Natural, Espresso (dark brown))
Dimensions: 21.5 L x 13.75 W x 24 H. Weight: 6, 25 lbs.

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